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John Schwab, Ph.D.

I work with adults, adolescents and children. I also specialize in work with couples. Many people, whether children, individual adults or couples come to therapy with specific symptoms they wish to confront--- perhaps of mood, of relationships, or of other behaviors. Others face major decisions in their lives. I work on all of these levels, working to establish a place where people can disclose their personal challenges openly and truthfully.

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Style and Specialty
My orientation is interpersonal and psychodynamic within a biopsychosocial and developmental context. That means that therapy with me is a process of psychological growth which includes both an intensely interactive experience in the present and an exploration of the past, all within the context of your biological and social history. Insight into yourself and your past will be important, but your experience of self in therapy will be primary. Above all, I believe that healing and change occur within a safe and trusting therapy relationship. I work closely with medical providers if medical therapies are called for. I ask my patients to make a serious commitment to their therapy and to be honest with themselves and with me.
Biography and Training
I hold a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Seattle Pacific University. With 15 years of prior experience in the arts, specifically as a theatre and film director and writer, I’m particularly sensitive to the creative needs of people in their lives. My doctoral research was at the University of Washington Department of Psychology, in marital emotional interaction and my pre-doctoral internship was with Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital. I have been practicing in the field since 1992, and am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist (#2988).

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