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James McKeever, Ph.D.


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James McKeever, Ph.D.
(Washington License #1300)

I am a licensed clinical psychologist with more than twenty-five years experience. The majority of my current practice is in the areas of child and adolescent psychology and family therapy, although I also see adults and have considerable experience and training in individual adult therapy and couples therapy. I believe that treatment needs to be grounded in a careful diagnostic evaluation of the child/adolescent or adult within the context of the family (and school). As a trained neuropsychologist, I am particularly interested in helping children and adolescents with brain-based issues or health problems. I also enjoy working with patients with anxiety and depression. I tend to take an eclectic approach to treatment, utilizing treatment methods from a variety of theoretical perspectives depending upon the needs of the child/adolescent and family, in accordance with the scientific literature and my clinical experience. I should note that my practice is treatment oriented: I do not do forensic (legal) evaluations, such as child custody, sexual or physical abuse evaluations or forensic neuropsychological evaluations.

Biography and Training

I earned my BA from Yale University and received my Ph.D. in clinical and community psychology in 1981 from the University of Rochester. I completed my first post-doctoral fellowship, in Family Therapy and Research, at the University of Rochester Medical Center, and stayed on to teach and supervise for a couple of years before moving to the Boston area, where I did outpatient child and adolescent assessment and treatment and then worked at a school devoted to children at risk for residential placement. I did my second post-doctoral fellowship, this time in Pediatric Neuropsychology, at Tufts-New England Medical Center, before moving to Seattle in 1988 for a position in outpatient child psychology and neuropsychology at the Virginia Mason Clinic. In 1999 I began my part-time private practice on Bainbridge Island, and in 2002 I became an Attending Psychologist in Outpatient Psychiatry at Seattle Children's Hospital, where I work three days a week. At that time I also started my one day a week private practice in Seattle.

Over the past two decades here in Washington, I have been President of both the Washington State Psychological Association and the Pacific Northwest Neuropsychological Society. I also was the Child and Adolescent representative to the WSPA State Council. I have raised two children on Bainbridge Island.


Insurance and Rate Information

The fee for an Initial Diagnostic Evaluation is $250 [$210 self-pay if you are not covered for services by an insurer and you wish to pay for services yourself at the time of service, as this avoids the time and expense of billing for the service]. The fee for a 38-52 minute Individual Therapy session is $160 [$120 self-pay]. This is what I routinely schedule. Shorter individual sessions (16-37 minutes) are $110 [$80 self-pay] while longer individual sessions (session that last longer than 52 minutes) are $245 [205 self-pay]. There is a surcharge of $10 for sessions where there are communication factors that complicate delivery of services. Family Therapy sessions are sessions which focus on interactions within the family, and the fees for these are $190 [$150 self-pay] when the patient is present and $160 [$120 self-pay] when not present. 
I am a preferred provider for many of the insurance plans in the area. You should recognize that - depending on your insurance carrier - the actual fee allowed for each of these services, and the part of the bill you are responsible for, may vary significantly from those quoted above. I encourage you to consult with your insurance provider to determine actual fees allowed.

Office Information

I am in the Bainbridge office on Mondays from 8 until 5, and alternate Saturdays from 8 until 3. I am in my Seattle office on Fridays from 8 until 5. Please note that I do not utilize e-mail for communication to or from patients and their families because such communication cannot be kept confidential; please use voicemail to contact me.