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Crisis Clinics
(360) 479-3033
Bremerton based Crisis Clinic
(800) 843-4793
Seattle based Crisis Clinic

Kitsap Mental Health
(360) 479-4994
Counseling/crisis services for adult and children

Helpline House – Bainbridge Island
(206) 842-4357 or (206) 842-7621
Referral and counseling services, emergency assistance

Alive Program (Domestic Violence)
24 hour crisis line, individual and group counseling, parenting, assertiveness, money management, employment counseling, confidential emergency and temporary housing for battered women and their children.

Family Reconciliation Services
Children Administrative Office
(360) 475-3688
Resolution of parent/adolescent conflict of any kind may be initiated by adolescent or adult.

Child Protective Services
(360) 475-3688 or (360) 479-3033
(after hours)
(800) 423-6246

To report incidents of child abuse, neglect or abandonment in Kitsap County or to access Crisis Residential Center (CRC) after hours.

Adult Protective Services
(360) 478-4990
To report incidents of adult abuse, neglect or abandonment in Kitsap County.

Emergency Resources

While we make every effort to respond to requests for appointments within 24 hours, and to schedule urgent appointments within 48 hours, there are times when unusually heavy demand makes that difficult. If you are an existing client in this practice, your therapist will discuss with you the best way to contact them in such situations.

If there is immediate physical danger or if you are concerned about suicidal intent, call 911 first.

If you are in distress and are unable to reach your therapist, please call the Crisis Clinic of Kitsap County at either (360) 479-3033 or (800) 843-4793. The Crisis Clinic is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for information support and guidance.

For Mental Health emergencies, in which a friend or family member is resistant to treatment, and you believe is in immediate and real danger to themselves or another party, you may wish to contact a CDMHP (County Designated Mental Health Professional). A CDMHP is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by contacting- Harrison Memorial Hospital at (360) 373-503.

CDMHP’s cannot restrain, apprehend or transport clients. They can come to your home or other location. However, it can be arranged to meet you at Harrison Memorial Hospital (360) 373-5037 or (360) 373-3425.